Produced By: Steven Reilly                                  
Songs By: Ric Mysterie

UP ALL NIGHT is available for purchase on ITUNES® or Amazon.com.  Search on "Ric Mysterie".

Listen to Songs from the Album:

1. JUST GO AWAY                                  
With a fast beat you can't resist, you will have never felt so good kicking that certain someone out the door.

2. I DON'T WANT YOUR LOVE              
A troubled woman realizes she has outgrown her manipulative lover.  Features the crazy beat that is the Ric Mysterie sound and the incredible vocals of our new band member and diva Sohelia Forbes.  

3. SULTRY                                               
Glistening skin on a hot summer's night.  A sultry and mysterious woman bares her legs on the dance floor to pounding beat. Steamy passion is in the air.

4. UP ALL NIGHT                              
Ric Mysterie's wildly popular signature song.  Jump up and dance, party all night!  The quintessential zoot suit sound that is RIc Mysterie & The Gumshoes.

5. CAROL ANN                                        
Long smooth legs in high-heeled shoes, full red lips you can't refuse.  Ric's personal favorite.  Once his lyrics paint a vivid picture in your mind, you will never think of the name Carol Ann the same way ever again.

6. BLUE LOVER                                       
The best of Ric Mysterie blues.  No lies, no disguise...Just up-beat blues that will have you dancing in the aisles. An original instant classic.       

7.  BIG GROOVIN                             
The only instrumental of the album, it has an upbeat big and brassy sound, a pounding drum, and a jazz sax which just may be the best you have ever heard.

8.  BED OF SORROWS                        
The best of true blues, a Ric Mysterie original.  Boy, somebody get this guy a new girlfriend.  The Bari Sax sets the tone for this great blues tune.

9. BLUES & GROOVIN                       
If there is a blueprint for the Ric Mysterie sound, this is it.  The growl of Ric Mysterie, a large dose of horns, and vocals that harken back to a different era.

Classic Ric Mysterie Blues. A frustrated man finds that despite his efforts, his girl is sadly haunted by ghosts of the past.

11. JUST LIKE THIS                          
A unique and ominous sound paints the picture of irresistible and dangerous romantic encounters.  The powerful Gumshoe vocals at the finish are so hauntingly good they will drive chills up your neck.

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